Modern Rustic Design | Lake Austin Part I

Modern Rustic Design | Lake Austin Part I

I would like to share a project that we’re working on with a couple in Austin, Texas who hired us to design a home right on Lake Austin that combines a modern vibe with a nod to their home state. They were especially looking for help to create a welcome retreat for their family and friends.  This is the Fourth project High Camp Home has done with this couple and every project has been unique from their ski cabin in Lake Tahoe to their home in the Bay Area to their loft in downtown Austin. They are a fun family whose warmth flows through into every design we do.

I have always loved aspects of Modern Rustic Texas Design which I discovered over twenty years ago when I lived in Texas and found myself drawn to materials from this region. By marrying elements of Northern California Wine Country Design with an eye on Austin Design, the outcome we are looking to achieve is a unique and modern home that is warmer in feel than some of the modern homes of Austin. 


Having the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time in Austin over the past year, I have found as so many do, a city that is truly alive. I am continually inspired by the cool vibes and great design elements that shine through in many of the hotels and restaurants. We always love staying at quirky and inspiring hotels with a clear eye on design and a tribute to the music scene like the Hotel Saint Cecilia. Their eclectic poolside bungalows are a favorite. 


We are looking forward to breaking ground on this extensive and exciting project and sharing our progress with you so stay tuned for future updates. Sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already, and follow us as this design project journeys forward.

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